Win more work with better proposals.


Get the results you need with

compelling presentations.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

 In the world of proposals, where details can mean the difference between scoring that key win and huge disappointment, Spire Creative has the expertise you need. We specialize in winning architecture, engineering, construction, leadership, and team development procurements.

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We work with you to develop an effective pre-solicitation strategy and to communicate your value proposition clearly. What are your differentiators? How are you showcasing your expertise? From planning to delivery, we can help you with proven systems and processes.

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Make memorable presentations with confidence. From the development of your compelling story to the imagery that accompanies it, we have you covered. We provide presentation coaching for everything from short-list interviews to stakeholder engagement sessions to “Lunch and Learn” promotional events.

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If you are not winning the work you want, let’s figure out why. If you are expending more time and resources than necessary to prepare proposals, let’s improve your processes.  If you are struggling to stand out from the competition, let’s evaluate your branding.

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