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Win work.

a unique perspective…

Meredith Roedel founded Spire Creative Solutions after facilitating selection committees and seeing how proposals could be improved.

Put our expertise to work for you!

Today, you can benefit from my experience and unique perspective as I offer proposal management, consulting, and training. Let me show you the tools and techniques that the big firms are using to win work. I can help you approach an RFQ or RFP with confidence, knowing that you will meet technical requirements and represent your team in the best light possible.

Have you made the short-list? Don’t lose the contract now! Let me help you prepare and rehearse. We can work together to make the selection committee remember your team – for all the right reasons!



  • Meredith is an outstanding proposal manager. She implements a very thorough process to ensure that proposals are strong and fully compliant with customer requirements. She also provides innovative thoughts for ways in which topics may be conveyed better for understanding.

    Kirste Webb
    Kirste Webb ARS Aleut Remediation / Senior Vice President Business Development
  • For the first proposal we submitted after attending your boot camp, we were shortlisted from a group of ten very competitive contractors. Ultimately, after the interviews, we were selected and won that project and we have won other projects since as well. Your training was extremely valuable to our firm.

    Steve Cooper
    Steve Cooper Cooper & Company General Contractors Owner
  • Meredith was so helpful when I was beginning my work with federal contracts. She walked me through the steps to write a successful bid and gave me valuable advice on what to include. I highly recommend her services. I could not have won the government contract without her help.

    Dr. Kim Stephens
    Dr. Kim Stephens Founder of Inclusive Thinking
  • I hired Meredith as a freelance consultant for some marketing materials and PowerPoint presentations. I was beyond thrilled with the results. She elevated the level of creativity and sophistication in the final product. She was great to work with and I learned a lot from her about crafting compelling proposals and presentations.

    DeeDee Smartt Lynch
    DeeDee Smartt Lynch President & Chief Resource Investigator, Smartt Strategies
  • Meredith Roedel is an exceptional proposal manager, technical writer and professional organizer of proposals. She is articulate, cost effective and is our go to for proposal needs. She is highly recommended for any proposal support you may have.

    DeVerne Dunnum
    DeVerne Dunnum President at FE&C Canada Ltd.
  • Meredith provided excellent service and did so in an expedient manner under an 11th hour request for her help. She provided powerpoint improvements, interview prep for my team and individually and some very eye catching leave behind material that really set us apart. She also formulated some win themes that we hadn’t properly pitched in our initial submittal. Spire and Meredith really came through. 

    William Hladick
    William Hladick Senior Program Manager at ARS Aleut Remediation, LLC
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Meredith on several projects and with every project she exceeds my expectations. Meredith recently led a project that was a collaboration with other industry partners and the feedback from the other partners was outstanding on both the final product as well as Meredith’s knowledge and expertise.

    Troy Courtney
    Troy Courtney Director of Business Development at SWIFT & STALEY INC.
  • Great self-starter. Any task or activity she is given she runs with it to completion. Always provided high quality work products. Her work was held up as examples of the work product that should be produced by others, in a positive way. Always willing to pitch in and go the extra mile to help others.

    Rob Rivers, CCM
    Rob Rivers, CCM Vice President, Project Lead, Columbus Water Capital Program at AECOM
  • Meredith in essence, is one of the most hard working, dedicated, and committed individuals I have met in life. Her focus and team effort are true strengths. She is detailed oriented and always thinking outside of the box to challenge the norm while striving for efficiency. She excels in developing and assembling presentations and in meeting deadlines.

    Marcus Huff
    Marcus Huff Document Controls Specialist for DCSD, Brailsford & Dunlavey
  • Meredith by far exceeded our expectations and helped us at Uncle Lem's win a very competitive bid process. The visual components and layout Meredith delivered were wonderful and her written abilities to communicate effectively at each turn helped tremendously. Meredith's vision for this proposal continued from start to finish and she was the key component behind its success. Her diligence, flexibility, work ethic, professionalism and organizational capabilities were drivers and motivators for our team. The bid committee even commented on the quality of our proposal and its thoroughness as being vital reasons for our win... We highly, highly recommend Meredith Roedel!

    Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill Business Owner at Uncle Lem's Mountain Outfitters
  • It is rare to come across a standout talent like Meredith. I worked with Meredith for almost two years on the DeKalb County School District SPLOST IV Program. Her most valuable skills are persistence and adaptability. Meredith has an ability unlike anyone I have worked with to meet seemingly impossible deadlines under a variety of constraints. She is tough and perseveres to deliver and can be fully relied upon. I also think Meredith has a very dynamic nature that makes her stand out - she is not one to be "stuck" in one role, she is very able to critically think, and be proactive to problem solve and overcome barriers.  

    Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith Project Manager at Brailsford & Dunlavey
  • I have had the opportunity to work closely with Meredith on various marketing deliverables, including proposals, statement of qualifications, and brochures.  She has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.  Her efforts have consistently produced high-quality end-products, often resulting in winning results, including projects ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Meredith is a take-charge person who is able to present and implement creative ideas and clearly communicate the benefits throughout the marketing material. She is an intelligent, detailed oriented, well-organized professional.

    Karen Maida
    Karen Maida Senior Marketing Associate at McKissack
  • Working with Meredith is a delight. Her expertise in branding and graphic design were invaluable in our product development and marketing. Meredith's skill in choosing the right images and overall aesthetics for a project leads her to deliver beautiful final products. She also has the ability to investigate solutions to a problem and recommend an appropriate course of action. Meredith was incredibly useful to our team, and I would not hesitate to recommend her work.

    Lindsay Lalla
    Lindsay Lalla Leadership Coaching, Team Interaction Training, Belbin® Team Roles Expert
  • I've used a number of outsourced services and vendors for my firm by far Meredith has been the best. I simply provided her with a vision and she turned it into reality. Some vendors I have used by the time engagement was over I had more hours committed than they did and I still had to pay their invoice. Meredith is highly recommended as she's becoming an invaluable part of our team. Responsive, Accurate, and Efficient with her time.

    Road Ammons
    Road Ammons Managing Partner at ECD Capital Partners llc
  • Meredith is an exceptionally talented individual. In working with her for more than six years at URS, I valued the strengths she brought to our very large and complex proposals in terms of creativity and team management. She was a sought after resource because of the high quality of her work product; requests were made by other business lines for her to work on their similarly complex proposals. She is easy to work with and well regarded for her dedication, loyalty, integrity and positive attitude...

    David Lamutt
    David Lamutt Project Manager at OnQGlobal
  • We have used Meredith's services a couple of times now and have always been pleased with her deliverable and her customer service. She is always professional, prompt, and consultative. A true asset for a small business like ours!

    Joe Storch
    Joe Storch Director Of Business Development at Patriot Talent Solutions
  • I have known Meredith since 2008 and have collaborated with her as both colleagues and as client. Her work ethic and dedication to work product make her a reliable service provider your company can count on. I recommend Meredith wholeheartedly.

    Assaf Newmark, PSP Construction Scheduler / Project Consultant